Aperoli on tour again #2023

We are ready. Aperoli is ready (as ready as we all can be… fingers crossed). Last MINIte – our motto is sticking with us.

We have big plans. Ready for another adventure. Ready for another big trip. Friends & family, a ferry, and a few countries to cross to make it to the start of the next rally in Scotland. Wohooooo. Aperoli is back on tour: Germany – Holland – England – Scotland & Return.

Oil leakage solved. Fresh oil included (as of midnight).

That little screw… screwing things up…

Exhaust is hung up again – in Aperolis favorite color: orange.

New steering wheel with trip meter reset button. Now matching the color of the car seats. Mini goes stylish. Yeah! (We better had taken the old one… as back up… just in case…).

We were bidding on a roof rack. And got it. Last MINIte. In fact, last night, thanks to our friend. It better holds up the bags, my clothes for the family fest are packed in there.

New LED headlamps… and… spot lights are now wired. Finally, it looks very bright! Rain or shine – we are ready to go!

hubby’s design and the end result:

Hubby did an amazing job! On time. Thanks!

night shifts inclusive…

Ready to go. Aperoli is all packed up: a box of German beer, plenty of Swabian wine, various other gifts, first aid kit, rally equipment, oil, tools, and also on board: a rain coat & a fleece jacket, a wool hat & sunscreen & sunglasses… ready for Scotland. Also included: new noises. Lol. Could be the roof rack. Could be something else.

Luckily, the mini is not so mini after all…

Well, we are on the road. First stopover: a friends house in Göttingen followed by a next stop in Bremen.

Stay tuned. And keep your mobile phones on in case we need a lift. Lol.

Go Aperoli, go!

2 thoughts on “Aperoli on tour again #2023

  1. You guys are having way to good of a time out there. Do you ever work for bosch anymore or do you guys just go out and play all the time nowadays. Where are Dini and I suppose to sit in that car when we get out there

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