Aperoli on tour #2023 – stop #1

Who remembers the Aral advertising? Well, that’s how I felt a couple of days ago…

Day 1: What do you do if your car gets slower in the middle of the German motorway? No, you don’t panic! You try to communicate to hubby which isn’t easy due to all the car noises and ear plugs. I made it to the hard shoulder and we discovered… guess what… an empty tank!!! Only 20km before our final destination…

Well, that only happens, if 1) your husband is too confident about how much gas is left or 2) you don’t know your car well enough because the fuel gauge is broken. Lol.

Luckily we have a reserve tank on board. Even luckier, it was full. Next step is filling up as fast as possible without getting killed by a truck and drive back on the motorway. Made it & root cause defined including measure: turn the trip meter on and the absolute max. in a full tank are 347.8km!!! Finally, our reserve tank could be used. Yeah!

(pic was not taken while filling up on the motorway)

We left home in the rain… and enjoyed beautiful sunshine in the north.

Any good rally starts in Göttingen. Dear friends, thanks for having us!

Spanish tapas for dinner

After a beautiful weekend with the family and a Kommunion, we are on the way to catch our ferry in Amsterdam.

Beautiful Charlotte ♥️
Best appetizer 🍓
We even had our own parking spot ♥️

Next goal: catch the ferry in Amsterdam/Netherlands tonight & arriving in England/UK tomorrow morning.

Ready for Netherlands 🇳🇱

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