Aperoli in winter wonderland (again)

The weather forecast: rain & cold. Aperoli & us ready for a last Oldtimer weekend this year. Off we go! On the way to Kassel. The reality: rain turned into snow along the way. Surprisingly a lot of that white stuff came down. The last kilometers turned into a first little adventure: it was alreadyContinue reading “Aperoli in winter wonderland (again)”

Aperoli on Tour_ stop#3

3rd stop: Italy 🇮🇹 From the snow into the sunshine & blue sky. Ciao, Bella Italia! We arrived at the lake with its unique shape: with its three branches it looks like an upside down Ypsilon. The lake, where the Milanesi spend their weekends… We are at “Lario” – that’s how the locals call LagoContinue reading “Aperoli on Tour_ stop#3”

Aperoli on Tour again

Pretty much one year ago, we started the “Deutschland Rally”. Now we are taking Aperoli on tour again: Bella Italia! It’s not exactly a rally. Well, it might turn into one. Originally we had planned this trip on the motorcycles (yes, hubby made his dream come true: he bought another motoguzzi). It snowed already onContinue reading “Aperoli on Tour again”