A Swabian Oldtimer Weekend

Many months ago agreed. A very first sunny weekend. Our Oldtimer friends arrived with their chic Volvo P1800… while our youngtimer decided to be “moody”. Oil leakage & had to stay in the garage. Bummer.

Good, that we have a younger version of Aperoli. On tour in Swabia: starting at the former motorcycle race ring “Solitude” followed by a stop at the Castle Solitude.

Start/Finish Solitude Race Ring in the 60s.

Porsche Zuffenhausen and cruising along the river Neckar all the way north to the “city of Schiller”. Passing and (accidentally or forbiddingly) driving through the beautiful vineyards.

The Volvo got a lot of thumps up along the way. Best part of course stopping in wine & beer gardens along the way.

Porsches in the air
Surrounded by wine

We had a wonderful weekend and noticing once more that we are living in a very beautiful & delicious area.

3 weeks to go for Aperolis big trip. Fingers crossed we get her ready… stay tuned.

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