Last Minute Racing.

3.000km in 8 days through Germany without knowing exactly where & what. Follow us on our adventure. Ready, steady, go!

We go rallying & combine our adventure with supporting doggies in Stuttgart. Please support us in supporting the dog shelter in Stuttgart. Thanks for raising 300€ together with us.

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Aperoli on Tour again

Pretty much one year ago, we started the “Deutschland Rally”. Now we are taking Aperoli on tour again: Bella Italia! It’s not exactly a rally. Well, it might turn into one. Originally we had planned this trip on the motorcycles (yes, hubby made his dream come true: he bought another motoguzzi). It snowed already onContinue reading “Aperoli on Tour again”

Rally #3 – canceled

Rally no. 3 cancelled for us: we tested Covid positive (and actually feeling sick…). Bummer. Probably a little souvenir from the USA. Instead of enjoying driving our mini in sunshine under blue sky via the Swabian Alb… we sleep, have pizza delivery and hohes C. Hubby is feeling quite ok again, I suffer from theContinue reading “Rally #3 – canceled”

3 days to go….

Our summer rally is about to start. Yeah! 3 days to go… We are registered with start number #103. It’s the Bosch Boxberg Classic, categorized in tradition & sport (not exactly sure anymore why we signed up for the sporty category…. I blame hubbby). Anyhow, start is at the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart. TheContinue reading “3 days to go….”

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