Last Minute Racing.

3.000km in 8 days through Germany without knowing exactly where & what. Follow us on our adventure. Ready, steady, go!

We go rallying & combine our adventure with supporting doggies in Stuttgart. Please support us in supporting the dog shelter in Stuttgart. Thanks for raising 300€ together with us.

Latest from the Blog

Rally #3

Great news! We received the nomination letter for our next rally! We made it, we are in! Yeah! Getting ready for rally #3 in June. The “Bosch Boxberg Klassik” will start at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart & will finish on day 2 at the Bosch race ring in Boxberg: 350km via tulip signs &Continue reading “Rally #3”

Adventure: Arrival

Are we still in Iceland? Lol! We had no idea we signed up for a winter rally! Hello April 2022! Or Aperoli on the rocks 🍹 Rain or shine this rally is going to happen! Luckily we got “all year” tires thanks to my laziness of avoiding tire change twice per year we seem toContinue reading “Adventure: Arrival”

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