Aperoli w/o tires

The year has come with plenty to do, to keep our youngtimer young. The list of to do is long.

Fix oil leakage, followed by oil change

Exchange wipers

Change suspensions

Suspension cones

Headlight fittings

Change driver seat belt

Fix speakers

New rear window seal

Break back plate fix

Change break and clutch fluids

Change break pads

Grease suspension nipples

Check valve clearances

Fix gas canister with bracket

Relocate leather strap

Wire head lights

Last but not least: Aperoli, I promise you a spa day including a good soft scrub by gentle hands.

Kicked off the work last weekend with our great little helper. Result of first day: Aperoli with no tires.

There is a serious deadline for all above mentioned fixes: April 2023!

2023 is packed with great adventurous plans: meeting our Oldtimer friend, the Alpine, traveling to a country, Aperoli may already know, it’s definitely a first time for me. We also have registered for a few rallies. Exciting times ahead! Stay tuned!

Also, a tiny challenge is coming up later this year: passing the German TÜV in fall. Fingers crossed.

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