Aperoli in winter wonderland (again)

The weather forecast: rain & cold. Aperoli & us ready for a last Oldtimer weekend this year. Off we go! On the way to Kassel.

The reality: rain turned into snow along the way. Surprisingly a lot of that white stuff came down. The last kilometers turned into a first little adventure: it was already dark (hello winter time), a light snow fall, very bad headlights (LED lights made it long time ago on the to do list… but…), a mini windscreen with bad wiper plates (also on the list) & snow fall became quite heavy. The good news: the heat works (almost roasting). All year tires on. We made it. Let the adventure weekend start.

Just a normal mini windscreen.

The next morning a look out of the window: a winter wonderland. Big excitement: Oldtimer fun tour… or not.

Defreeze. De-ice. Getting ready.

Aperoli on ice again. When meeting our Oldtimer friends, there seems to be a 100% snow guarantee. Wondering if we should risk it and meet next year in summer for a change!

Aperoli on 🧊
Hello winter wonderland!

A little Oldtimer tour through the winter wonderland. A bit of a slippery road from time to time. The sun came out, temperatures stayed below 0 though. A little gin tasting (& purchase, of course) in a gin church inclusive. Frozen window water and later empty water box. A dirty windscreen, a classic in winter, and no water in the tank…. Traffic light on red: let’s jump out and through some snow on the windscreen. That must do, screen clean again for about 15minutes. Repeat. Good exercise.

Big smiles.
The Gin church.

It’s actually quite simple: the faster you drive, the warmer it gets inside the car.

First time, I’m not a navigator but a snow grabber & window cleaner, and have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful view (navigator sitting in car ahead).

Crossing the River Weser
Aperolis friend already in winter sleep.

I asked hubby: what is better, rain or snow? He answered British cars do know rain but are not used to snow! Back home in Swabia & the rain. Good job, Aperoli! You deserve your winter break!

Dear friends, that was so much fun! We had all weekend biiiiggggg smiles on our faces! Thanks for the organization and your hospitality. Hope to see you soon again! Is snow in summer possible?

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