Aperoli on Tour_ stop#3

3rd stop: Italy 🇮🇹

From the snow into the sunshine & blue sky. Ciao, Bella Italia!

We arrived at the lake with its unique shape: with its three branches it looks like an upside down Ypsilon. The lake, where the Milanesi spend their weekends… We are at “Lario” – that’s how the locals call Lago di Como.

La Funicolare Como – Brunate.
On top of Como.

Surrounded by vast mountains, the crystal clear lake is framed by cypresses and colorful Italian towns. Dolce Vita is calling.

Need a water taxi?

Driving is a little different here: crazy motorcycles and vespas, bicycles and other cars. Pedestrians in between. Hui. Streets are tiny and cliffs everywhere. That’s when my head starts spinning and I start sweating (on the passenger seat). Hubby adapted very quickly, driving Aperoli like another crazy Italian (must be those weekly business trips 2 years ago..). Nobody keeps the speed limit. Newer minis taking over Aperoli. I guess we arrived in Italy.

Finally, Aperoli is home to where its nickname comes from: Aperol Spritz (Spritz for me, daily dose of oil for Aperoli)!

And the reason why we are actually here… the Motoguzzi muesum. Hubbies dream almost becoming true… our museum tour didn’t happen, despite reservations: museum closed. Hm. A little photo shooting instead and meeting a Ducati driver from Luxembourg.

Aperoli meets MotoGuzzi or best of both worlds ♥️

Best espresso (latte macchiato is not a coffee here). Gelato. Gnocchi. Tortellini. Steak. Oh, this is my country.

Pizza Napoli

The highlight of these days – next to gelato, Aperol, tiramisu, espresso, cappuccino, Como, Bellagio, Lecco, Lierna, Varenna… – is having Italian dinner.

Challenge accepted: translating the Italian menu. Finally we are in a non German (or English) speaking part of the world again. Loving it. Choosing from antipasti, primi, secondi, dolci… takes us usually 30 minutes. Lol. It’s all part of the culinary experience.

Vitello al forno forcito con castagne 👌
Tiramisu. Simply delicious.

We’re in Italy… where a gelato a day keeps the doctor away. That being said… and it’s soooo delicious you could fit two per day. Easily.

Gelato love.

Our hotel is set at the end of a winding road at 1,019 m above sea level (George Clooney didn’t have any rooms left for us…). A family run business since 1959. Their pride is the delicious, traditional cuisine served at the restaurant. It’s only about 25 hair pin curves up… and the same amount down… food & views are amazing.

Sometimes it’s even foggy at Lake Como.

We learnt that old cars make noises… In addition to a rattling noise we got a squeeze noise, the latest noise worried us a little. Hubby got Italian support and fixed the car „good enough to make it home“. It was just a loose brake disc back cover (race drivers take that part apparently off to save weight…). Now it’s fixed again with a little bit Italien garden wire. Ready for the next pin curves. Voila, all noises gone. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻

Well, Aperoli is the perfect car for cruising around Lago di Como with its gorgeous windy roads passing through terracotta-colored villages. Besides, the locals loved Aperoli. So many thumbs up.

Heimat. Oh, that’s why we feel home here 😁

Of course we did a little (Aperoli is packed like never before…) grocery shopping after checking what’s allowed to bring back through Switzerland.

A last gas stop (heavenly prices 1.56/litre!!!) & filling up all containers we can find (lol) before heading north to Lichtenstein.

Despite being loved by tourists, Lago di Como has kept its Italian flair and nativeness. The blend between the landscape of the Alps, colorful lively towns, and the food and hospitality that are so iconic to Italy is truly unique. You can only fall in love here…

Arrivederci, Bella Italia! It was wonderful to be here, Grazie for your hospitality. Ciao!

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