Aperoli on Tour_stop #2

Next stop: Austria 🇦🇹

The only rule: no toll road & no motorway.

Mmmhhhh… buffalo.
Beautiful fall 🍁

Aperoli loves mountains. And so do we. Some are already covered in snow. All passes (still) open. A bit of a debate with hubby on how to fly… I mean drive those winding curvy roads… (me: poor baby Aperoli, hubby: Aperoli wants to feel the grip).

The more south we go, the sweater the desserts become. Delicious Tirol.

The classic: Kaiserschmarren

What a panoramic view!


All cliches fulfilled: cows, mountains & great food. Tirol is beautiful, delicious, mystic & awesome.

Listening to rock n roll while rolling up & down the snowy alps. First ski lifts are open on top of the glaciers!

Aperoli made it: on top of 2.700m!!! Yeah!

On top!
Our skies didn’t fit in the mini…
Winter saison 2022/2023 is open

Rallying with hubby is like a workout. Motorsport. Indeed. I stopped counting the hair pin curves…

Time for a change on the driver seat!

We arrived. Time to relax.

The Harley bikers and us. Guess who stole the show? Aperoli, of course! Lots of clapping hands. Yeah!

A bit of country hopping today: A – CH – A – CH – I. It’s so great that the European borders are open again.

Tiroler Speckknoedel. Oh yeah!

Pfiati! Ready for some sunshine! Rolling on to Italy.

Mountain love ❤️
Aperoli always finds a spot! Who needs autonomous parking? 😜

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