Aperoli on Tour_stop#4

You think “Ciao Italy” and the grande finale is just about to start. Lago di Como e dello Spluga: 51 (+x) tornante (hair pin curves) for our personal farewell. My job as navigator: looking 90 degrees around the curve for others (bikes, cars, trucks) and tell hubby if free or not (I bet I have a sore neck tomorrow).

…last one #51!!! OMG I can’t believe it… 🏔
We made it! Crossing borders at 2.100m!
Somebody else joined for a ride: our guest (we left him on top of the mountain).

Ready for our 4th & last stop: Liechtenstein

You remember 51 curves going up… well, we crossed the border from Italy to Switzerland and guess what…. we needed to roll all the way or 2.100m (I stopped counting the curves…) down. Needless to say, that the roads were very curvy (who needs San Bernardino pass if you have Passo dello Spluga. Lol).

Almost no time to enjoy that view!

Luckily there’s a rain gutter on top of Aperoli to hold on to.

Aperoli made it. Brakes smelling a bit. Aperoli is just the best car (and hubby the best (race) driver)!

We continued along the “Grand Swiss Tour” all the way north to Liechtenstein. Beautiful blue sky & sunshine inclusive. What a grandiose fall!

Arriving at another of our favorite European countries: Liechtenstein. It’s small but wow! Mountained in.

Feeling glamorous & royal entering the Fürstentum.
360 degree mountain view in Lichtenstein. Wow!
Pretty cool car number plates 👑
River Rhine is the border of Lichtenstein & Switzerland
Dinner with a view 🏔
Good night!

Wow! Wow! Wow! What an amazing road trip. Aperoli is definitely grooved in by now and deserves a break (and so do I). Spare parts are already ordered, we have a long “to do” list (replacing brake pads made it top of the list).

Europe ♥️

Europe, you are stunning!

Next stop: driving home to good old Germany & getting ready for our visitors from Ireland & Octoberfest!

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