Aperoli on Tour again

Pretty much one year ago, we started the “Deutschland Rally”. Now we are taking Aperoli on tour again: Bella Italia!

It’s not exactly a rally. Well, it might turn into one. Originally we had planned this trip on the motorcycles (yes, hubby made his dream come true: he bought another motoguzzi).

Boys and their toys. Haven’t seen a happier face in one year.

It snowed already on top of some German mountains, therefore we decided to change the trip to “Aperoli on Tour again”. Final target: Bella Italia.

We tried to get a service for this old lady. Can you believe it, it was declined (too old, too British, too much work, too complicated…)?! Well, that means nothing else than putting hands on ourself (after this trip).

Swiss border.

First stop: Grüezi, Lake Constance!

Entering Switzerland and enjoying the sunset at Lake Constance

This time on the Swiss side (the only way to find a hotel for one night…).

Geschnetzeltes “Züricher Art” & Rösti
Good night, Lake Constance!

Rain in the forecast. Let’s see if that turns into snow today.

Next stop: Austria 🇦🇹

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