Adventure: Arrival

Are we still in Iceland? Lol!

We had no idea we signed up for a winter rally! Hello April 2022! Or Aperoli on the rocks 🍹

Rain or shine this rally is going to happen!

Luckily we got “all year” tires thanks to my laziness of avoiding tire change twice per year we seem to be better prepared compared to other Oldtimers.

Dog dropped at a friends house. The cage almost didn’t fit in the car.

We made it to the town of rally start – 200km in rain & snow. Luckily the heater works (as a 25 year old heater works…)! Driving in Iceland in snow last week helped. The car is slightly different and breaks don’t work as good. Besides… well… haha. I’m glad we arrived safe & sound!

We also passed the Covid test. Yeah! still a challenge these days. Unfortunately 2 rally teams and friends already dropped out due to positive Covid test!

We passed document check & technical vehicle check 💪🏻

Excited for our first rally tomorrow!

Mini friends.

Aperoli parked in a hotel garage.

Good night!

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