The Oldtimer Classic-Rallye in Frankonia – finish line

Good morning, Frankonia! -4C and snow all day. Perfect weather for a rally. Lol. Plenty of rally teams canceled last minute due to weather. Many Oldtimers with summer tires and no heater (either broken or the cars simply don’t have one). Aperoli has all year tires and a nicely working heater (as good as a 25-year old heater can work…).

7:00am: white sausages for breakfast
7:30am: Studying the road book.
8am: First changes…
Ready steady go! 8:53am: Start vehicle no.1

1st time control (…and many more…) messed up but having fun. We can read tulips… need more practice on time controls…

Lining up for the next kick off time control.

Many route & time changes before start and in the middle of the rally adapting to the weather conditions. Getting stopped at speedy sections by the rally organization who informed verbally about change. Puh! Real rally feeling.

Standing ovations for those frozen guys! Pretty amazing. Driving all day like this!

1934 Railton Light Sport Straight, 180PS, only 3 cars worldwide available!

The snow & ice made the rally actually really exciting, fun & challenging. We loved sliding (sometimes on purpose, sometimes not…) or being overtaken with the window open and getting snow splashed in our faces.

Coffee break!

You should also not pose for the press photo at the street and miss your right turn… well, otherwise we would have missed hubby’s spectacular u-turn in the middle of a road. Back on track or stupidly collecting first rally experiences.

Focusing too much on the future road ahead and ending on top of a roundabout. Ehm, yes! That also happened. Thanks to all drivers letting us out! We won’t forget your surprised faces!

Wow! We made it! >200 happy kilometers and 40 time checks later. Frozen, tired & happy.

Best team.

38 (out of 54) – not bad, right? 94 intended to join… No serious crash despite snow & ice! Hubby’s first rally. Our first classic rally.

The other great part: we met our rally friends again. Congratulations to the “Best of Show” with their beautiful Alpine A110.

We won the mini cup 💪🏻 we were the only one on the road (out of 3 registered). Not sure what happened to the other 2 teams.

Aperoli on the rocks & ready 💪🏻
Many thanks for watching Charlie!

Siri remains the best navigator 🙂 Glad to have her back at work today!

We made it back home. Safe & sound. 10 minutes prior arrival at home the speedometer cable broke (again!) … well, a little (big) homework to do until next rally in June!

Done for today! Cheers 🍻
The sun came out today!

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