Co-pilot ready?

That’s the „back of the envelope plan“. A big envelope. Turning bigger and bigger the more we tried to fix. Now we are on the 2nd envelope. Haha. Mandatory items seem fixed for the moment. „Nice to have“ things were moved to the waiting list.

3.5 weeks to go. Time to continue studying the theoretical part. Who’s going to be the best co-pilot? Hubby or me?

Knowing the difference between right and left is a good start… a co-Pilot needs to make decisions. The driver needs to follow those decisions. Hmmmm! The co-Pilot is the boss in the rally car! So me then. Lol!

Ready. Steady. Go? No!

Excited and ready for first professional training!

Packed 2 stop watches, average speed table on paper, a pen and a calculator. Oh boy. Let’s find out who’s going to be the best co-pilot after Sunday 🙂 Stay tuned.

Let’s go training!

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