Making progress.

Easy things replaced first (blue cables)

It’s been interesting days. We wonder if we should fix the car first and then sign up for rallying (in the future)?! Well, the answer is clearly No! We need the pressure to get things done & ready!

Where to start? By putting a coat on and (so not) enjoying working at 0 degrees in the garage. Brrrrr.

While hubby is out in the cold, I try to remember what all was broken or not working from the last rally. Hubby gets confused thinking of a right hand driving car (not to get confused with an English mini made for German roads. Lol.).

After 3 trial purchases of the fan belt, hubby has now figured out why they don’t fit: the car has a different alternator (made by Bosch. At least.). Purchase no. 3 “was fitted” eventually (with force). The other two „wrong“ purchases will be held for emergency backup (I hope we’ll never need them since they don’t fit…).

Also the more we try to fix, the more additional not working things (or previously not correctly repaired things) we are finding. The beauty of a 25 year old car. A real youngtimer! And a very cross husband. Oh dear!

5 locks & keys reduced to 3! Yeah! No longer looking for keys like an idiot. Lol.

Heater fixed: how? By buying a wine opener to remove wine corks (!!!) from radiator hoses. Now we need a new bottle opener. Also, a bottle of wine was needed after that discovery! (We’d love to meet the pre-previous owner and his very creative approach to fix things). Oh and by the way, the heater matrix was also replaced and obviously fixed the problem. Yeah! Test ride to follow in the next days.

Ready for the bin!

7.5 weeks to go!

Our rally friends from Kassel also signed up for the rally. Very much looking forward to seeing them again. And convinced Oldtimer friends from Nürnberg to join in. Yeah!

Until then we’ll keep working…

More rally toys to be installed soon…

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