Rally Training completed

Good morning, Aperoli! Winter time is over!

Hitting the road again. That car is flying!

Even with fuel gauge in deep red, we were still driving another 50km. Every time new surprises… Never a dull moment. Excited what to find out next.

Cycling is just not as much fun!

+4C degrees this morning. Heat works. Yeah! On way home +18C – heater cannot be turned off. Yeah! That’s what you have (hand) winding down windows for!

Bond. James Bond. Kind of. The good old Casio is much better than Rolex.

100 teams signed up for the rally in 3 weeks. The competition (or not since they all were in training today. Lol.). Wonderful Oldtimers.

After a super delicious Bavarian lunch we kicked off the mini rally and practiced the theory. Many arguments in the car. Lol. We made it. Hubby driving. I’m co-piloting. It worked! We made it.

Dream team 😂

The most important rally rules:

#1: Finish the rally without getting divorced afterwards!

#2: Listen to your co-pilot! (If not, #1 is likely to happen)

#3: Don’t follow the car in front of you. Could be wrong!

#4: The first light barrier you see is not always the right one!

3 weeks to go 🏁🏁🏁

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