Rally_Day 9 // The Finish

Hello Mosel! A last freezing good morning from Aperoli w/o working heat. 2C degrees – an adventure itself.

9 long days ago we started this adventures rally and how little did we knew about it (still missing the tulip signs we trained for…).

On the way to the finish line we passed the Ahrtal which was destroyed by rain & floods from River Ahr in July this year. 133 people have died, lots of houses, Autobahn & other roads are still damaged and therefore blocked.

Leaving our second last foot print at the Nürburgring. So much fun. So many Porsche…

Finally we found a place daddy hasn’t been to. Yeah!

Wohooooooo! After ~4000 driven kilometers we received The Finish Line: Zeche Zollverein, Kokerei in Essen / Nordrhein-Westfalen. Very cool location for finishing the Rally.

Wow! A lot of driven kilometers… next trip: the middle of Germany 😉
Champignon weather!

We made it. Aperoli made it and that’s wicked! We didn’t make it no.1, 2 or 3. But that doesn’t matter. Goal to make it together to the finish line achieved 🏆

Applying to be the winner 🏆
And the winners are…

The Rally was for sure not a walk in the park: 15 Bundesländer (all except Bremen) in 9 days or Germany in fast. A couple (hundreds) more will follow until final home.

My secret weapon: my dad, the (a)live navigation. To make it to the finish line, teams have to work together. I need him and he needs me – that makes us a great team. We worked out brilliantly (one or the other argument included…) and will never forget this. We did spend some really good time together.

The other Deutschland Rally teams were wonderful, fun & supportive (special thanks to Hardy!). It was a pleasure to meet & ride along with you! I’m sure some of you we’ll meet again.

We kicked the rally off together & we finished it together: our Volvo friends (most beautiful car in the Rally).

This was fun! This was awesome! This was adventurous! That’s what we wanted!

What are we going to do next? A break from the brake. Siesta for Aperoli & us. Hubby getting a long „after rally“ list with things to repair after he’s recovered. Maybe another rally in 2022.

“Last Minute Racing. Never plan ahead” was a pretty good motto. A keeper. It all comes different anyway.

Thanks to all our fans for following us en route & cheering & motivating! YOU ARE AWESOME! And thanks to hubby for having his cell phone ready for technical support. Xxx

One more last time:

Water: check ✅

Fuel: check ✅

Oil: check ✅

Driving home. Autobahn & Navi permitted again. Happy & proud. But also tired & cold. Another freezing drive home. Lol.

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