Best of „The Deutschland Rally 2021“

After sleeping in and delicious lunch from mum, Aperoli brought me safely back home. Now parked in the garage.

Facts & figures:

Rally Teams @start: 90 (@finish line: ~60)

Trip: >4.500km driven

Gas: 191.2 liter (prices varied between 1.619€/l up to 1.939€/l)

Oil usage: 1.5 liter

Water usage: 200ml

Charity: 90 teams collected a total of 48.500€ for charity – that’s an amazing result!

Daily challenges: technical breakdowns, potential car crashes, planning & finding the route of the day, find a place to stay overnight, take photos & videos, blogging.

Memorable moments: meeting locals, celebrating reunification October 3rd with friends parents in the East, daily changing landscapes, daddy in yellow racing socks, driving up the peaks with 27km/h, arriving every night at target location, spending 24/7 with dad for 10 days. I wasn’t the only one with daily gasoline taste in my mouth… German road signs don’t match the maps.

First times for me: Fischland Zingst, Müritzer Seenplatte, Spreewald, Erzgebirge, Rossfeld Panoramastrasse, Ruhrpott.

First times daddy: Nürburgring. Lol. (Getting ideas for Christmas presents…). Daddy Racer.

The best of “The Deutschland Rally 2021” in pictures:

1600m in Bavaria.
The Finish.
Favorite car(s).
We made it 🏁🤘🏻🏆

We start realizing slowly where we have been. Wow! Loads of great memories & people en route! What an amazing trip!

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