Rally_Day 8

That’s the sweetest breakfast table decoration. Feeling honored.

Good Morning!

Ready for full throttle today. Last day of the rally before (hopefully) crossing the finish line on Sunday.

Car Wash 🧽
Youngtimer fills up @ Oldtimer gas station ⛽️

Today’s route along castles & the beautiful River Rhein & Mosel via Swabia, Saarland & Rheinland-Pfalz.

Crossing the River Rhein with the ferry. Being transported for a change feels nice.

Today is all about wine. Blue sky & sunshine inclusive – the Golden October is back. From 4C degrees this morning to sunny 16C degrees. Beautiful!

The Mosel: beautiful & delicious. Nice to be back here.

Task of today: finalizing the rally book including all the photos of day tasks & control points.

A bit of homework to do tonight.

Start: Schwarzwald

Goal: Moselschleife

Distance: 8 hours

Break downs: 0 but almost a crash.

Autobahn joker: 1 (so we have more time for wine…)

Ready for the next & last challenge tomorrow: find the finish line between 3pm and 4pm & hand in Rally book.

Tonight we’ll sleep surrounded by wine. Hmmmmm….

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