Rally_Day 7

We slept heavenly next to the castle.

Party last night was nice. Talking to many other rally teams & getting already ideas what to do next. Hubby at home already excited for next year.

Are we the first? Lol.

(We are the blue dot 😉 )

Pfiat di God, Bavaria!

Today’s route leading to Swabia along Lake Constance with finish line in the beautiful Black Forest. Another „Heimvorteil“. Kind of.

Sharing the road.

8:45am: Aperoli just warmed up for 106 curves within 5km (We didn’t count…). What a fun morning @ Oberjochpass (check first control point): 1178m altitude, 800m to the Austrian border. Fun, fun, fun.

I’ll miss those curvy roads.

Lucky us. A sunny day ahead. Warm hands for a change. 5C degrees outside.

Summer day today: 12C degrees and sunshine!!!

Hello Swabia!

Lake Constance: apple and grape harvest.

Lecker Bodensee!

Biggest Kuckuck clock in the world.

Navi broken.

Time for a Swabian Vesper.

Flädle Suppe

And that’s how we plan our trips… cheers!

Already last day of rally tomorrow!

Start: Schloß Neuschwanstein

Goal: Schwarzwald

Distance: 8 hours (nice relaxed driving today)

Break downs: 0

Autobahn joker: 0

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