Rally_Day 6

We all love the task of today: finding the castle & mountain chill out time location close to Schloss Neuschwanstein.

But before that a little road rally challenge ahead of us. „Easy“ 8 hour drive up & down the mountains. Lol.

Today’s route: along the alps. The beautiful mountain panorama is taken by the fog & rain today. What a pity! But hey, everyone can drive at sunny days or with warm feet!

We cruised along beautiful Bavarian villages, churches & romantic roads leading to castles & happy looking cows.


Temperature today: rainy 7C degrees outside & inside the car. Yes, we are freezing cold.

A lunch walk in Bad Tölz to warm up feet & soul with a Leberknödel Suppe. Obatzda, too. Of course!

Some of you are wondering what we talk all day while driving. Well, most of it is about navigation. Besides my co-pilot keeps me entertained with many many stories about the villages & places en route. I think he’s been everywhere! Since he’s getting distracted easily we made him the navigator today… well, he’s adding more kilometers to the rally route which is nice but also makes it a never ending day… lol. Let’s see how we move on tomorrow.

He also knows every single sportsman who participated in ice sledding or biathlon or various others. Never a dull moment.

A lot of road work today, detour costing time. Using a lot of gasoline today. Up & down the mountains & the peaks. Mobile network constantly switching between Germany & Austria.

Day6 – Aperoli & I are best friends. We really got used to each other. The roads are so big (or Aperoli so mini), Aperoli could easily fit twice!

Start: Königssee (Bavaria)

Goal: Schwangau / Castle Neuschwanstein (Bavaria)

Distance: 8 hours

Break downs: 0 we were just cold, no heat.

Autobahn joker: 0

All control points and day task successfully achieved ✔️

Schloß Neuschwanstein
Schloß Hohenschwangau
We found it: castle & mountain chill out time location. Prost!

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