Rally_Day 5

Half-Time! 4 days to go!

Today in Oberfranken & Oberbayern.

Can anything go wrong when there’s Obatzda for breakfast?

My favorite.

Daddy is “home” today & navigating without even looking at the map… that’s called “Heimvorteil”.

The driving gang for some miles today.

We turned right, the rest went straight ahead (and missed the control point?!).

Crossing River „Black Rain“ in the rain – one of today’s control points. Achieved ✔️

Spitting helps against mist in diving glasses. Washing liquid in motorbike helmets. And now following the hint from our dear friend who knows about Oldtimer: shaving cream for the windscreen…

It worked!!! We can drive w/ closed windows again. It also smells good!

Spreewald meets Niederbayern. Lunch break with a nice view: Alpenvorland.

And ending the day with the best, curvy and highest road in Germany.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Winter on the way!

Mini Cooper wow!

Slow & steady: 37km/h all the way up to 1600m N.N.
We made it. Twice! 💪🏻 gears & brakes smelling a bit… time for rest.

Panorama view wow!

So good we drove the peak twice and enjoyed double ♥️

That’s what we do rallying for.

Staying in the very south of Germany tonight, close to the Austrian border @ Königssee.


A bit of improvisation for the task of today… wearing a Dirndl.

Start: Fichtelsee

Goal: Königssee

Distance: 10hours

Break downs: 0 just a little gear & break smell…

Autobahn joker: 0

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