Rally_Day 4

Rolling south-east after a quick shopping stop: Spreewald gherkins – famous for the area.

Today’s route: Spreewald – Dresden – Erzgebirge – Fichtelgebirge crossing Brandenburg, Sachsen, Thüringen & Bavaria.

Bi-lingual road signs. Polish?

Finding the “Blue Wonder of Dresden” – first challenge mastered for today.

Crossing the River Elbe.

Last day in the East.

Der Weg ist das Ziel… mini fits perfectly. Road terrain today (and yesterday).

Today’s day task is leading along the border to Czech Republic.

Mini remains strong: powered up the Fichtelberg 1215m altitude today 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Fog & rain up here… hardly can find the Mini again.
Almost in Czech Republic.
Erzgebirge. This classy candle holder for Christmas is born here.

Someone is not only collecting Rally control points but also Flensburger points.

Speeding ticket in the post…

Start: Spreewald

Goal: Fichtelsee / Bavaria

Distance: 10 hours

Break downs: 0 but a broken flash bulb, when driving forwards the light for driving reverse comes on… the alignment of the car seems not so aligned… heating doesn’t work. Mist on the windscreen to be controlled via open windows. lol. It’s an adventure to be en route with the mini.

Autobahn joker: 0

I would drive many miles for this amazing dinner: Frankonian Schäufele. Heimat ♥️

Perfect finish of today.

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