We got used to the beautiful north and we are already moving on. Zingst – Mecklenburger Seenplatte – BERLIN – Spreewald. Route of today.

Waking up at the Baltic Sea, deep breath & ready for going south-east!

In love with the Baltic Sea.

Meeting our peers for lunch at the lake.

Being followed. Using CB Funk a lot today.
All the beauty’s & toys parked.
Yeah 💪🏻

Berlin in 15 minutes. Haha. Took us more like 2 hours and a ton of nerves… “Cruising” through the capital city along the street of June 17 and circling the Siegessäule. Now this is proper adventure. Heart attack included (daddy’s driving…). My heart is racing (and the hearts of a hundred Berliner, too). Are we in the right lane? Passenger lights are green, too… 5 lanes in the most famous roundabout. Arghhhhhhhh! SOS!

Well, at least we made it out of the capital city, other teams not. Stopped by the police… Plenty of stories to tell once we catch up again tomorrow since what’s up is out of service.

Hello. Berlin 🐻
Street of June 17.
Little Mini in big Berlin.

Oh dear. After this adventure Haribo & autobahn joker for the last 150km required.

Task of today: achieved ✔️

Castle stop in Brandenburg.

2 out of 3 goals today achieved ✔️ Not that bad. Last one skipped for an before dusk arrival at tonight’s hotel.

Start: Wustrow @ the beach

Goal: Spreewald

Distance: 12 hours more or less. That’s harder than going to work. Lol.

(Nerv) Break downs: 2×1. Haribo & Aperol Spritz fixed everything again.

Autobahn joker: 1 (out of 9)

Bundesländer crossed today: McPom, Brandenburg, Berlin.

Wow! What a day. Ready for dinner & bed.


Reaching every day my step target thanks to the vibration & jumps of the mini. Real go kart feeling. Yeah!

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