Rally_Day 2

Passing beautiful alleys

We planned today’s trip last night (and it all came different today). We should stick with our motto: Last Minute Racing – don’t plan ahead!

No idea how we ended up in New Orleans today. This Rally is big!

Today’s Bundesländer crossing: Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein & McPom – Germany in fast.

Direction: North-East

Control points of today achieved: no.1 we found a Nandu in the wild. Yes!

And that’s the zick-zack route for finding today’s Nandu.
And that’s were we found him/her!

…and no.2 a white 4-story building.

Another challenge was the Task of today: exchanging a fresh fish from Hamburg with salt or wax in Wismar… well, first challenge: find someone who’s interested in an old fish. Lol. 2nd challenge: it’s a bank holiday… no shops open. But hey, we wouldn’t be a good team if we hadn’t managed. We exchanged our fish with a lobster (not sure if that makes points but a lobster is better than salt or wax, right?).

Great deal today. Thanks!
Our new lobster on board.

The Rally keeps us quite busy. Studying maps & road signs while searching for Nandus (or fish or breakfast…). Trying to complete daily challenges for extra points and day tasks and arriving before dust. Blogging & taking pictures for proof. It’s fun and Mini Cooper remains strong after daily dose of oil, gasoline & water.

Small electrical shut down today, though. Possible root cause: Irish legendary improvisation ideas on how to connect USB, radio & CB funk with each other… SOS!

no idea how it got fixed on its own 🤷🏻‍♀️

Oh and everyone loves Aperoli. Many thumbs up at traffic lights and ahs and ohs.

Loved our day at the beach today.

Staying at a friends parents holiday apartment next to the beach tonight. Thanks 🙏

October 3rd – Tag der deutschen Einheit! Very happy to celebrate this day in the East of Germany in great company! Cheers!

Start: Hansestadt Hamburg

Goal: Wustrow

Distance: 10 hours incl. beach time

Break downs: 1

Autobahn joker: 0

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