Day 1 – Official Rally Start

We made it to the start line & we are starting the rally. OMG, it’s insane. We are doing this.

This is our first rally. We think we are… NOT prepared.

What we should remember: This is not a race. It’s an experience. We have to win. Lol.

Our Start number: 78

We are the only Mini Cooper.

Well, we cannot become last anymore, one team couldn’t install the engine on time. One team already out…

Registering. Meeting other teams & the winner of last Deutschland Rally (getting tips, tricks & hints). Looking at the other wonderful cars. Making friends with the fabulous Volvo. And finally studying the Rally book. A lot to do.

Are we afraid of messing it up? Oh hell yes. Let’s have fun.

Weserbergland. Lüneburger Heide. Hamburg – meine Perle. We made it. All tasks of the day successfully completed & all control points passed! Mini Cooper in best shape 💪🏻

Task of the day: completed ✔️
Final target of today: Hamburg 🏁

Start: Hann.Münden

Goal: Hansestadt Hamburg

Distance: 7hours

Break downs: 0

Autobahn joker: 0

What a day. Exciting. Time for some beer(s) & fish. Good night.


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