Midnight Blue meets Orange

Our rally kit arrived a couple of days ago. Rally vehicle branding stickers like logo and most importantly, the start number included. We will start the Rally with the golden no. 78!

No return! Let’s do this.

Time to get to work targeting a couple of extra points by the rally jury for an eye catching vehicle decoration. Our motto: Aperol for the team, Rally stripes for the car (the more the faster). Of course, all aligned with the rally rules „anything goes as long as it’s street legal“ 😉

Let’s see if our creativity will pay off.

We are looking back to fun crazy days & evenings in the garage. Pimp sessions. Not much of a plan but quick agreement on the design. Online orders came in fast and we worked hard getting it on the Aperoli. Crawling on the floor. Working over head. Many night shifts in the garage.

We finished last night. We love the result! It was fun.

Midnight Blue meets orange. Orange is summer. Summer is Aperol.

Cheers to Ms. Aperoli!

Well, that was the cosmetic pimp. The technical status looking slightly different…

Second test drive yesterday morning passed: in the dark, in the rain, on the motorway. So far so good. We made it. Besides a couple of tiny technical things like one of the wheels is the wrong way round… or speedometer cable is cut cause „it wasn’t working out what hubby wanted to do“… I used a speedometer app instead. Good that our phones are so smart these days!

The Mini Cooper Family.

Prepared for the worst? Hell, yes! We also installed a compass. And a CB funk radio. And additional reflecting lights.

Irish flag made out of Italian flag with some orange from the rally stripes. Hubby is convinced Germany not supporting Ireland since all other British flags are available on Amazon.

Team challenge of today: hubby’s knee surgery. Fingers crossed it all goes well and he can recover on time to join the rally.

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