The Route & The roadway

„From the wild seas of the north to the highest mountain peaks of the south, through the enchanted forests of the east to the post-industrial high culture of the west. The Deutschland Rally is the ultimate adventure on your doorstep.“ – that’s all we know about the Rally so far.

We will start in Hann.Münden – the middle of Germany. That’s also where we’ll get handed over the race book including hundreds of Tulip symbols…

This really is a last-minute thing.

One country, 3,000 km in one week. The “beloved” German motorways are taboo! We will have to take our own path along asphalted avenues, through dense coniferous forests, over gravel roads up to lonely mountain passes and all the way up to the Bochum slalom-punch-whole course… but where exactly we don’t know.

Ehm, whose idea was it again to sign up for this rally? Getting nervous. 2.5 weeks to go.

So we really don’t know the route or the roadway… top secret until October 2! It will be an adventure. That’s for sure.


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