Rally Training #2

Aperoli en route.

Combining practical training with tasty stops. Yesterday’s training included the final rally car & equipment.

Blue sky. Oil checked. Gas filled up. Rally gloves on. Let’s go.

Aperol was yesterday. Today’s target is to find delicious local wine. En route with Aperoli.

Mini Cooper is roomy.

Today’s team: Anny, the driver & Katja, the navigator. She’s a pro. We found all stops, thanks for a smart navigation.

The tour: 100km road book created by hubby combining practice with deliciousness for eyes & soul.

Very smooth driving. We are getting used to each other. The youngtimer prefers a chilled driving style. 4 gears and kept looking for shifting to no.5 & 6… I was a bit jealous when the parked neighbor opened all his doors and boot with one click on the key while I was challenged figuring out which key to use… But hey, our sound… priceless.

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