hitting the road

Another big milestone achieved today: Aperoli is registered. After a little trouble it worked out (hello German bureaucracy!). Yeah!

First gas stop.

Ready for an after-work test ride. Todays target: 11km to the favorite burger place for dinner.

After driving the first 3km.. rethinking if we could (or should) really drive 11km… a bit of rattling noises. Speedometer is disconnected (somehow the cable got cut… I wonder how that did happen… replacement is on its way..). 4 gears are interesting. Shifting to 2nd gear sounds not so healthy… but hey, we rather break down today than in 3 weeks…

Romantic drive into the sunset until we figured that the lights don’t work… sun is going down quite fast today… rushing home… just to figure out where the light switch was… Lights do work! Yeah!

Well, that’s why we do little test drives.

Beautiful interior.

Walkie-talkie installed, too. Channel no. 9 & 19 for emergency calls – learning new things ever day…

Still plenty to do…

…some of the competitors, too…

Still plenty of time. Kind of.

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