Aperoli on tour #2023 – stop #3

Weather: beautifully sunny

Aperoli: doing so lala 😐

The Kelpies

We left beautiful Edinburgh yesterday and Aperoli started making a new noise… a noise which called for stopping & checking… we discovered a loose screw and figured, that the engine stabilizer bolt broke. Arghhhhh. Panicking.

We stopped at a garage and they disassembled… the end of the bolt is broken off deep in the hole & cannot be fixed easily. Bummer.

Wouldn’t it be boring if everything would go according to plan?! And yes, it’s normal that this kind of shxx happens on a road trip and just before the Rally. After a little more online research, it seems a common issue for old minis and there’s a repair kit available to fix it (but sold out in the UK).

Well, there’s some good news: it’s only a half breakdown. We’ll try to keep going and fix it at home… Rally starts tomorrow… For now it’s taped. Trying not to accelerate hard & drive as smoothly as it is possible on the Scottish roads… So far, so good. Fingers crossed.

Never a dull moment with Aperoli.

Once upon a time…. Yesterday’s tour was planned to be all about castles. Driving along the fairy tale, but Aperoli wrote its own tale. Lol.

We did pass by Balmoral Castle – the summer home of the royal family. Too late to get in though (not that hubby would have bothered anyway…).

Balmoral Castle fence

Today was all about cruising along the coast with typical Scottish weather: sunshine, blue sky & high risk of sunburn. Lucky us.

Sometimes all you need is a good sandwich and a beer in front of a fire.

Tomorrow is rally day. Yeah!

Washed, beautiful & clean again. Ready for rallying.

Falling asleep listening to the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore.

Go, Aperoli, go!

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