Aperoli on tour #2023 – stop #2

Auf Wiedersehen, Germany & Welkom Netherlands!

Second goal achieved: We made it to Amsterdam. On time and on to the ferry. 17hours time for beer, dinner & sleeping. Aperoli on a deserved break as well.

Aperoli is not the only Oldtimer on board. Let’s see who joins on the rally in a few days.
Not trusting the breaks…
Bye bye 👋

Good morning, UK!

Welcome home, Aperoli! Back „home“ in its origin country (besides having the steering wheel on the wrong side…).

Lots of thumps up for Aperoli along the way 👍

And now ready for the biggest challenge: miles & yards, sitting on the left & driving on the left! Good luck to us. Not really too worried with 2 locals on board: Aperoli & hubby.

First stop: breakfast with our German Oldtimer friends in England. What a very nice coincidence: meeting along the way. They’re returning from Ireland and taking our ferry back to Amsterdam and we arrived in the UK.

English breakfast
88.888km on the clock & probably already the 2nd time around the clock.

Time to continue north.

Already in love ♥️
Gas stop – very important 😅

We arrived in Scotland. A country full of legends & traditions. Wine. Water. Whiskey. Who needs anything else?!

Pitstop Edinburgh.

O la la
Dinner with a friend and colleague who is so lucky to live & work in a great citiy and country 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

We love it so much, we stay a little longer here.

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