Finding the perfect Rally Vehicle

Next challenge accepted: finding the perfect Rally Vehicle. Searching the World Wide Web with focus on the eBay world considering the Rally rules:

Old schooler: 30+ years

Youngtimer: 20+ years

Freshman: 15+ years

Electric: 0+ years

Motorcycles & light-duty vehicles also allowed.

The world of internet offers a huge choice of different car models: Lancia, VW Beetle, all sorts of Mini, Mercedes SLK & dreaming of a Porsche… just to mention a few.

Just dreaming…

Many choices: from stylish to individual. The decision is a challenge. In the end it goes like this:

Contacting the seller of preferred car: no longer for sale but in the workshop… that’s not a good sign & no longer an option. Moving on…


Hot discussions on alternative models: conservative vs. cool (my opinion). Well… that didn’t go so well. Hubby being huffy but agreeing to go with „cool & vintage“.

We finally agreed on the model & contacting sellers… and then it all went fast: time for the exciting test ride…

We did the test drive and fell immediately in love. We decided to go with a youngtimer. Now fingers crossed it will pass TÜV (a German technical inspection)… impatiently waiting before the sale will be completely finalized.

Guess how we are going to win that Rally…

4 weeks to go until Rally.

PS: charity still on-going. Thanks for supporting us reaching our target:

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