The Deutschland Rally 2021

Hello & welcome to our new blog about our next adventure: The Deutschland Rally 2021!

Hubby is a genius coming up with ideas (while he is (still) recovering from his motorcycle accident) thinking about the next adventure. This time on 4 wheels (a safe(r) choice for now). We watched others rallying through Asia before. So the idea is not new… new today is that we are crazy & signed up for our first own vintage car rally. OMG – we really did (maybe too much wine was involved in decision making…).

We go rallying very soon! Fingers crossed that hubby will be able to join.

And this is the (dream) team „Last Minute Racing“:

„Last Minute Racing“-Team

Next step: find a car. 4.5 weeks to go until the „Last Minute Racing“-Team is about to start off – isn’t that a cool team name?

Another important next step: our charity project. Having an adventure we’ll never forget is one thing. But we want to help others while we are at it. We are raising money for a shelter in Stuttgart/Germany ( making sure all doggies are getting fed. The project we are supporting is called „feed a dog“.

You may wonder why we chose that project. Well, we adopted this pretty lady named Charlie 8 years ago in the USA.

We know how hard it is for shelters to financially survive. That’s why we want to help and are asking you to join us: Please support us making the dog world a better world & join us in supporting raising 300€. Ready, steady, go, raising money. We can do it!

Attached link leads to our fund raising:

Cheers! Dankeschön! Thank you! Merci!

Our rally motto: never plan ahead (very controversial to being a project leader in work life). We have many awesome ideas, not much of a plan (yet).

Join in the excitement on how next days & weeks go getting ready. Follow our new rally blog:

We’ll keep you posted! Don’t forget about your donation. Every cent is helping. Cheers!

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