the last hour

Ever wondered what’s happening in the last hour before rally start? It’s busy! It’s exciting! It’s about hope. It’s about competition. It’s about fun. One hour before rally start… Rally book received. Start number received. Start time defined. Organizational changes are still possible! The early bird… Be at Parc Ferme on time! (leave a gapContinue reading “the last hour”

Best of „The Deutschland Rally 2021“

After sleeping in and delicious lunch from mum, Aperoli brought me safely back home. Now parked in the garage. Facts & figures: Rally Teams @start: 90 (@finish line: ~60) Trip: >4.500km driven Gas: 191.2 liter (prices varied between 1.619€/l up to 1.939€/l) Oil usage: 1.5 liter Water usage: 200ml Charity: 90 teams collected a totalContinue reading “Best of „The Deutschland Rally 2021“”

Rally_Day 9 // The Finish

Hello Mosel! A last freezing good morning from Aperoli w/o working heat. 2C degrees – an adventure itself. 9 long days ago we started this adventures rally and how little did we knew about it (still missing the tulip signs we trained for…). On the way to the finish line we passed the Ahrtal whichContinue reading “Rally_Day 9 // The Finish”

Rally_Day 8

That’s the sweetest breakfast table decoration. Feeling honored. Ready for full throttle today. Last day of the rally before (hopefully) crossing the finish line on Sunday. Today’s route along castles & the beautiful River Rhein & Mosel via Swabia, Saarland & Rheinland-Pfalz. Crossing the River Rhein with the ferry. Being transported for a change feelsContinue reading “Rally_Day 8”