Rally Training #2

Combining practical training with tasty stops. Yesterday’s training included the final rally car & equipment. Blue sky. Oil checked. Gas filled up. Rally gloves on. Let’s go. Aperol was yesterday. Today’s target is to find delicious local wine. En route with Aperoli. Today’s team: Anny, the driver & Katja, the navigator. She’s a pro. WeContinue reading “Rally Training #2”

Midnight Blue meets Orange

Our rally kit arrived a couple of days ago. Rally vehicle branding stickers like logo and most importantly, the start number included. We will start the Rally with the golden no. 78! Time to get to work targeting a couple of extra points by the rally jury for an eye catching vehicle decoration. Our motto:Continue reading “Midnight Blue meets Orange”

The Route & The roadway

„From the wild seas of the north to the highest mountain peaks of the south, through the enchanted forests of the east to the post-industrial high culture of the west. The Deutschland Rally is the ultimate adventure on your doorstep.“ – that’s all we know about the Rally so far. We will start in Hann.MündenContinue reading “The Route & The roadway”

hitting the road

Another big milestone achieved today: Aperoli is registered. After a little trouble it worked out (hello German bureaucracy!). Yeah! Ready for an after-work test ride. Todays target: 11km to the favorite burger place for dinner. After driving the first 3km.. rethinking if we could (or should) really drive 11km… a bit of rattling noises. SpeedometerContinue reading “hitting the road”