The Route & The roadway

„From the wild seas of the north to the highest mountain peaks of the south, through the enchanted forests of the east to the post-industrial high culture of the west. The Deutschland Rally is the ultimate adventure on your doorstep.“ – that’s all we know about the Rally so far. We will start in Hann.MündenContinue reading “The Route & The roadway”

hitting the road

Another big milestone achieved today: Aperoli is registered. After a little trouble it worked out (hello German bureaucracy!). Yeah! Ready for an after-work test ride. Todays target: 11km to the favorite burger place for dinner. After driving the first 3km.. rethinking if we could (or should) really drive 11km… a bit of rattling noises. SpeedometerContinue reading “hitting the road”

Finding the perfect Rally Vehicle

Next challenge accepted: finding the perfect Rally Vehicle. Searching the World Wide Web with focus on the eBay world considering the Rally rules: Old schooler: 30+ years Youngtimer: 20+ years Freshman: 15+ years Electric: 0+ years Motorcycles & light-duty vehicles also allowed. The world of internet offers a huge choice of different car models: Lancia,Continue reading “Finding the perfect Rally Vehicle”

The Deutschland Rally 2021

Hello & welcome to our new blog about our next adventure: The Deutschland Rally 2021! Hubby is a genius coming up with ideas (while he is (still) recovering from his motorcycle accident) thinking about the next adventure. This time on 4 wheels (a safe(r) choice for now). We watched others rallying through Asia before. SoContinue reading “The Deutschland Rally 2021”