Aperoli on tour #2023 – stop #4 & the end

Monster hunting at Loch Ness.
And finding Nessi ☺️
On the way to Skye

We arrived at The Isle Of Skye. Wow!

Getting there isn’t easy — many hours of driving on an assortment of roads, including small two-lane roads in the Highlands. But it’s worth every minute of driving to get there. Skye is wild and romantic and beautiful. It’s steeped in history. It’s isolated yet not old-fashioned.

A Scottish breakfast

Single track roads. Sheep and lambs on the road. We are on Island time. It can take some time just to move for a couple of miles.

birthday dinner – happy birthday to myself!
Curing my cold with a hot toddy – Scottish style

Wild and far away: from people and everyday life. That can be very beautiful or turn into a problem if you break down…. Very bumpy roads on Skye… We went over a cattle grid and saw the steam start. We’d stopped to let someone pass then just started again when it happened: the radiator exploded, all water out within seconds. Calling for help but made the last 2 miles down the hill with engine off back to hotel parking.

The Scottish roads were too much for Aperoli…

The blue dot 🔵 is us – very far away from everything… and maybe the worst place for a breakdown.
Aperoli peed – the radiator broke. Bummer.
But quite a beautiful spot to break down. Lol.
Waiting on support.
Aperoli being taken away.

Unfortunately, Aperoli cannot be fixed on time (there’s only one car garage on the island with no spare radiator available) before our ferry is scheduled back to Amsterdam. No problem with our insurance. That means holiday is ending sooner than planned and we are flying back to Germany & Aperoli will be transferred back to Germany at a later time, where we’ll fix the radiator ourselves. Thanks to ADAC for the great support bringing all of us back home.

Well, we were aware of the risk of a breakdown. It is what it is. Not regretting a minute of our beautiful trip with Aperoli. So happy we made it all the way to Scotland and even finished the rally.

It’s still an odyssey to get to the airport tomorrow… Cu soon Aperoli!

3 thoughts on “Aperoli on tour #2023 – stop #4 & the end

  1. Das tut mir leid mit dem Aus vom Aperoli. Schade….. Kommt alle gut nach Hause. Trotz allem war es doch ein schönes Land zum Urlaub machen. LG

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