3 days to go….

Our summer rally is about to start. Yeah! 3 days to go… We are registered with start number #103.

It’s the Bosch Boxberg Classic, categorized in tradition & sport (not exactly sure anymore why we signed up for the sporty category…. I blame hubbby).

Anyhow, start is at the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart. The end on the 2nd day at the Bosch race ring in Boxberg. Challenge accepted. We are excited.

Are we ready? Ehm, nope. Of course not. Otherwise our motto “Last Minute Racing” wouldn’t fit no more. Speedometer cable not fixed yet. Battery needs charged. Old stickers need removed… the list is actually longer but fitted to match the tight schedule. Lol. And let’s see what else we find not working “last Minite”. Well, we got 3 days (and 4 nights) left.

The weather forecast: rainy & humid. That sounds actually better than snow!

Looking forward to another wonderful Oldtimer weekend. Stay tuned!

We made Route66, we can handle Swabia! Never a dull moment… go, Aperoli, go!

3 thoughts on “3 days to go….

    1. Good luck and have fun. Racing is all about having fun and a lot of people forgot the fact that racing is all about having a great time doing what you like doing

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