ready, steady, go!

…and so the adventure begins.

Final packing completed.

Tool kit ✔️

Tent ✔️

Sleeping bags ✔️

Clothes ✔️

Duck tape ✔️

Various cable ties ✔️

Tie down strips ✔️

Glue ✔️

Chalk ✔️

Sharpies ✔️

Wire ✔️

Spare parts ✔️

(Paper) Maps ✔️

And loads of other important (?!) things 🙂

Last Minute Racing. Never plan ahead.

The journey to the start of the rally is quite long:

Today: 250km to pick up my co-driver.

Tomorrow: 200km & stay with friends overnight close to Hann.Münden.

Saturday: 30km to start of the rally in Hann.Münden.

friends & family all over Germany. Let’s see if we’ll pass by. If so, cheer on us 🏁

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