The Team

Sadly we have to announce a change in our Rally team. Hubbies knee surgery was bigger than expected. The good news is that his knee is now better than before (all fingers crossed). The less good news: he neither can join the Rally nor can he move his leg for another 5 weeks… Even the idea of deinstalling the passenger seat wouldn’t work. Ehm, it’s really a last minute racing kind of thing.

Well, that just means that we have to participate another rally in 2022!

…crutches too big for the Mini…

He still wants me to go rallying (best husband ever) in one week. So I need to find a Rally partner.

Mother-in-law almost decided to be my co-Pilot but changed her mind and is now planning to take care of hubby. Excellent choice. Otherwise Asian cups for breakfast, lunch & dinner all next week (hubby was already looking forward to those cups…).

The new team member for the Rally: my dad. Retired & available. Most experienced on German roads & best in mechanical repairs. We are practicing already a bit of driving and he’s enjoying it!

Daddy Racer!

The biggest challenge: will he be a good navigator or good at being navigated? (I already know the answer. Lol).

Already in action.

Daddy’s Auto Vita:

Ford 12M: driven in 1968. Crashed via roll-over with 3 best friends on board.
Ford 17M: driven in 1970. Nickname “bath tub”. Rally with 6 (!) friends ended in swamp (!!!). Another crash survived.
BMW 1602: driven 1973. No crash! Yeah!
BMW 2002 tii: Family Van in the 80s w/o seat belt! We all made it to Italy!
BMW 2002: Family Van in the 90s. I remember trips to Italy with this beauty as well.

He’s definitely crash experienced and seems to be able to swim out of swamps. And it’s not going to be boring, I am sure there’s more secret stories to be shared. He became older & calmer. The last time I drove with him a longer distance the engine got on fire… Daddy Racer.

It’s going to be a daddy-daughter-rally. I’m happy he’s joining & looking forward to our adventure starting already in 5 days! Wohooo!

Cheers to the new team member & hubbies recovery!

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