Or 3… 2… 1… meins!

Most of you guessed right: we are going to win the rally with a Mini Cooper. Why? Because between 1960 and 1972, the Mini won 32 rallies around the world, including three wins at Monte Carlo. Getting ready for „Deutschland Rally 2021“.

Our Mini Cooper family is growing. We finalized our purchase and received our delivery yesterday: the British beat arrived.

We are proud owners of this little beauty: our new old Rover Mini Cooper in Midnight Blue. 53PS. 2/3 doors. White leather seats. Passed successfully its inspection.

Her name: Aperoli.


A British classic. An icon of British Engineering. Not old enough yet to be an Oldtimer. Born in 1996 – a youngtimer.

Our salesman is happy that the mini returns „home“ – referring to hubby’s British home. Hubby once owned an Austin mini city before. He’s the expert.

Specialities: 3 keys. One to open the doors. No.2 to start the engine and no.3 for the petrol lit. Now working on purchasing no.4 – to lock the boot. Back to the old times where key rings made a lot of sense.

Next specialty: direct steering (no power steering). Let’s build up some muscles…

She’s now parked in our garage, waiting for her little pimp session.

3 weeks to go until start of rally. And we are making progress.

✅ Team #last.minute.racing is registered for the rally.

✅ we started our charity project (still looking for your support https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=M2WGNABAU3BHE).

✅ we got a car.

Next step: car registration & pimp my car! Stay tuned! The next exciting part happens in our garage in the next days.

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