Rally #4 – The Classic Car Tour 2023 in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

We arrived at the Scottish highlands.

We had a couple of days to practice driving on the left side… it’s quite simple (lol) if you keep reminding yourself: left, left, left! Or just follow the car in front of you and hope that it’s somebody local. Roundabouts are tricky. There’s so many of them… and pretty much all of them have several lanes. All you need to remember: left in & left out! Hubby & Aperoli like the narrow roads and flying over them (well, now not anymore…). Oh, and a bit of a sheep or cow traffic can happen anytime. All in all, driving on the left side is pretty simple 😉

Speed limits. Simple: almost everywhere and for everyone 60mph. Usually for Aperoli hard to reach and chances are low for getting a speeding ticket.

Part of today’s rally „Classic Car Tour 2023“ with start no #22 is the beautiful Rover Mini called Aperoli with the talented driver, Mr. Scott and his amazing co-pilot, Mrs. Annabell. Good luck 🍀

Start: Dornoch/Scotland

Finish: at a distillery. Of course.

Total miles: 250

Ready. Steady. Go!
Our fans.

We are ready for the Scottish fun rally! Ready, steady, go!

Preparation completed: calculating miles into km to meet the requirements of our trip meter.

60 cars in the rally. Lots of other beauties and another Mini.

MGA (convertible in the rain? No problem for Scottish people who tried telling us that it didn’t really rain… all right then).
Austin Mini (evil, who would think we could have taken that Minis engine bolt… to fix Aperoli).
In the middle of nowhere: a phone box

Making somebody’s day exciting today: lamb traffic.


… and cow traffic

Afternoon tea 🫖

We drove some of the famous trail „NC 500“. The weather more typical Scottish today…

We enjoyed the stunning Highland scenery. The return drive took via the stunning Caithness coastline. We also reached the most northerly point of Scotland‘s mainland where the beer tastes very delicious.

The famous John O‘Groats Brewery 🍻
Lands end 🛑

We made it. Aperoli made it. Wohoooo!


Finish point at the distillery 🥃 Whiskey tasting (followed by buying) inclusive. Of course!


Aperoli is a big hit in Scotland. We got already invited to the rally in 2024 🏁

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